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Global Friends of Afghanistan

Connecting Afghans with the world

Global Friends of Afghanistan is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that educates people about the history, culture, and current events affecting Afghanistan. 


Resources for Afghans 

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GFA Director, Jason Criss Howk talks to Beth Bailey about GFA and Afghanistan

Global Friends of Afghanistan
2nd Annual Conference

Hosted at the Military Women's Memorial Arlington Cemetery VA


"Human Rights and Pathways to Afghanistan's Stability"


Watch the conference on the GFA Youtube channel:




The Ideas Shura is an initiative that aims to provide a platform for Afghan youth residing inside and outside the country to share their opinions and proposals with the people of Afghanistan (primarily) and the international community (secondarily) on important policy questions about their country. All young people under the age of 29, either individually or in groups, are eligible to participate in this essay-writing initiative.


Call for Submissions

The Ideas Shura invites all young people from Afghanistan inside and outside the country to submit essays in line with the guidelines.

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"What we learn watching successive generations of terrorist is that with each iteration they get more radicalized, more desensitized to human rights, more violent towards the most innocent, and they seek higher death tolls. The risk is too great to ignore in Afghanistan. History should not be repeated." - Ahmad Zia Seraj, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Director General of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) from September 2019 until August 2021. 

Click the icon to download Zia Seraj's report on Afghanistan

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Global Friends of Afghanistan
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United States 


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Afghan Women: “I Don’t Feel Safe.”
A Global Friends of Afghanistan survey
May 2022

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What We Do

Founded in 2021, Global Friends of Afghanistan has been working hard to help Afghans in need by engaging with Afghans, policymakers and the media.


We are creating long-term solutions to help Afghans to stay engaged with the global community. 

We are educating North America and Europe on Afghanistan.

Our work is dedicated to educating the world about Afghanistan while sharing and amplifying Afghan voices. 

We share values with Afghans now targeted by the Taliban. We want to safeguard them and to help the world learn about the challenges they face. 

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Connecting Afghans with the world

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How We Help

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Education and Growth

Through education and awareness-building we aim to ensure continued humanitarian, development, and educational support (and more) to the people of Afghanistan. 

Access to education is a human right. Women and certain ethnic groups are being denied the right to help build a better economy and society in Afghanistan.

We will continue to advocate for the safe passage and resettlement of all qualified Afghans and the evacuation of all non-Afghans seeking to leave Afghanistan.

Safeguarding shared values

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Our goals are to try and safeguard the most vulnerable of Afghan society. We also want to work with a new generation of Afghans, veterans, and civilians from around the world to plan for a better future.

We are a citizen effort to help government and global humanitarian efforts to focus on Afghanistan.


The international community put 20 years of focused attention on helping the war-ravaged country to become a valued member on the world stage. We want to preserve gains that were made together. 

Current Activities

1.) We are keeping Afghanistan and the plight of Afghans on the minds of policymakers, the press, the wider media, and the general public. 

2.) We are partners with citizen-led, government, and humanitarian efforts like Welcome.US and #AfghanEvac.

3.) We are fighting for human rights and safeguarding Afghans around the world. 

4.) We are expanding the global conversation about issues in Afghanistan and are helping amplify Afghan voices. 

5.) We continue to advocate for safe passage and resettlement of all qualified Afghans and the evacuation of all non-Afghans seeking to leave Afghanistan.  

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Contact Us

Global Friends of Afghanistan

2503-D North Harrison Street,


Arlington, VA 22207

United States of America

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Connecting Afghans with the world

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