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About GFA

Our Mission: To educate people about the history, culture, and current events affecting Afghanistan. These include humanitarian issues, economic development, security, and educational needs of the people of Afghanistan. 


Our Vision: A democratic and prosperous Afghanistan at peace with itself and the world.


Our Values:

  • Defending the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- United Nations (1948)

  • Democracy

  • Respect for Afghan Sovereignty

  • Stability

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion  

  • Dignity

  • Transparency

Our Approach:

Global Friends assists partners trying to preserve and protect the progress that was made in Afghanistan over the last 20 years by Afghans, the US and the international community. 

Build support for Afghanistan's stability and human rights by keeping Afghan issues relevant.

Support the evacuation, swift and fair resettlement, and integration of all eligible Afghan partners into American society.


Provide advice and lead discussions about Afghanistan's societal/humanitarian needs, terrorism, drug trafficking, risks to democracy in the region, Pakistan’s relationship with terrorist groups like the Taliban-Haqqani regime in Kabul, and other topics.

Provide opportunities for Afghans, and those working with them, to engage with governments, research, political, and humanitarian organizations across the globe. 


Promote new ideas and collaboration between organizations interested in developing an Afghanistan that provides human rights to all citizens.

Afghans are suffering across the world. Global Friends hopes to be able to provide them with venues to build a better Afghanistan. We aim to give Afghans the space to develop a better future in uncertain times.

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